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BlitzWolf BW-P9 10000mAh 18W QC3.0 PD3.0 Fast Charging

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BlitzWolf® BW-P9 10000mAh 18W QC3.0 PD3.0 Fast Charging Power Bank External Battery Supply Dual Input & Dual Output


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Note: Please don’t charge the powerbank via two input ports at the same time.


PD 3.0 Protocol
The latest universal charging protocol, charge faster and smarter than ever before.
18W Max Dual Output(Type-C + SUB ) and Input(Type-C + Micro)
Compatible with PD3.0,PD2.0, QC3.0 & QC2.0,It only takes 4h to complete 10000mAh at 12V/15A(Max).
Reliable Multi-layer Protection
Reassuring Over-charging Protection, Over-charging Voltage, Over-discharging Protection, Over-discharging Voltage, Over-current of Discharging, Over-current of Charging, Short-circuit, and Temperature Protection.


 Brand  BlitzWolf®
 Model  BW-P9
 Color  Black
 Capacity  10000mAh
 Battery Type  Lithium Polymer Battery
 Ports  USB A + Type C + Micro USB Ports
 Power  18W Total
 Input  TYPE C/Micro USB Input:5V=2A,9V=2A,12V=1.5A
 Output  TYPE C Output: 5V=3A,9V=2A,12V=1.5A
USB A Output: 5V=3A,9V=2A,12V=1.5A
 Fast Charging  Type-C Input: Compatible with PD3.0 PD2.0

 Type-C Output: Compatible with QC3.0 QC2.0 PD3.0 PD2.0
 USB-A Output: Compatible with QC3.0 QC2.0
 Size  139*70*15.5mm
 Net Weight  200g
 Weight  230g
 Certifications  CE, FCC, RoHS
Package Include:
1 * BlitzWolf® BW-P9 10000mAh Power Bank


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31 reviews for BlitzWolf BW-P9 10000mAh 18W QC3.0 PD3.0 Fast Charging

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Jeremy

    I like the solid and sleek construction. Fits easily in my pocket. Most importantly it works! Fast charging, enough capacity to charge my phone multiple times over multiple days, and withstands plenty of me dropping it and yanking the cord out awkwardly and accidentally.This is the 4th Anker charger I’ve owned. I share them with my family and use all 4.

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  2. photowizardry

    Have not tested the durability yet, but so far it seems to work well. Charger for two batteries in a small size

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  3. Joe Hull

    The batteries worked great for us on our trip to Europe. We used my iPhone 6S extensively for navigation and the phone’s battery would be depleted towards the end of the day. The battery would recharge my phone and still have plenty of power for future recharges. The only confusion we had is that we would forget to push the button on the battery to begin charging the phone.

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  4. Jonathan

    Bought this for a week long trip to Tokyo. It helped keep two phones and a rental pocket wifi router charged throughout each day. Our phones (Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Apple iPhone XR) were always being used to translate and map us to our destinations all over Tokyo (trains and a lot of walking).Pros: Four ports! It has two regular USB ports, a micro UCB and a USB C port.Fast charged my phone.Pocket sized!Cons: I wish they could pack more juice into something this sized. 10,000 is decent but when you’re running all day, you need more. I carried two 10,000 mah packs and a 5000 mah pack for emergencies. I thought about buying and carrying a 20,000+ pack but the thought of pulling that big sucker out and setting on a table wasn’t appealing to me.The pack got pretty warm due to high usage, maybe better heat dissapation might be looked into for future models.I bought this pack on a whim and knew nothing about this brand, I was pleasantly surprised. With the pros and cons I listed above, I understand that technology will get better with time. And the cost of making things I want far outweigh the price I want to spend on a battery pack. In the end, I’d like to have my cake and eat it, too.I look foward to future products from this company.

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  5. Kindle Customer

    I bought this portable charger for a quick trip I took. I have other portable chargers but I wanted one that was a smaller and upon receiving this item I was really happy with the size. It was able to fit in my small purse and didn’t need to occupy so much space, leaving more room for other travel essentials.I really liked the fact that the battery life amount displayed on the charger is in numbers instead of trying to decipher how much you actually have left with little lights that you see with most chargers.I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and find that with my other chargers (which are a lot more expensive) that they are slow at charging my phone, even after using different wires, etc., but this charger did a great job quick charging my phone. The actual life of the charger I think is pretty good. I used it 2-3 times over a long weekend holiday and the charger still has over 50% charge left in it, which is amazing.Overall, I am very satisfied with this product and would absolutely recommend buying it.

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  6. R. Brooks

    Light weight and easy to carry in purse, pocket, etc. Actually very compact compared to more powerful power banks. Approximately half the size of 20,000mAh+ units. Has an LCD display to show user state of charge in percentages. Need to fully charge out of the box. Instructions recommend to run it down all the way for the first 3 charges. Can travel with you in pocket, back pack, etc. I use it strictly as a backup. A fully charged unit can easily charge your smartphone 2+ times. Of course it can also charge Bluetooth earbuds, tablets, etc. Can plug smartphone into unit and use while charging. Have larger units, but prefer to use this one when away from home for short periods. Very good for charging phone while out driving. Compact, easy to carry and over all excellent unit. Highly recommend for someone on the go. Buy it and you won’t be sorry.

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  7. Jeremy

    Clearly was sent a used or refurbished item though the description says nothing of the sort. Non-removable stickers, scratches everywhere, and shameful packaging with nothing more than the battery and a twisted up cable. I’ve purchased many Anker products but lately things have really gone down in quality. Had to return two chargers I received when what I ordered were cables. Now I have to return this previously used item. You may want to consider another brand.UPDATE: Some time later Anker reached out to me regarding the situation and sent me a free replacement. Despite the initial disappointment, I appreciate them working to make it right.

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  8. Connie S

    This is a very small but capable charger. It is well build and is the smallest 10,000mAh charger I have tested. I have been using this charger for a month now and I can say it has been very reliable. It doesn’t lower its output current as it gets close to being fully drained and is comparable to a wall charger for phones that don’t use more than 18w. I really like it ability to charge the power bank using something similar to Samsung AFC. The only downside I have notices is that the PD charge controller is limited to 2.4A instead of the 3A stated on the product and in the manual. I would say most people wouldn’t notice this and most device would likely switch to a higher voltage at that point. You can only see it when charging the device with USB Type C cables using a 3A capable charger. The cable provided is nice and usable, but I wish it came with a USB Type C to Type C cable in addition to the Type A to Type C cable provided.Capacity:The usable capacity of the charger is about 6,500mAh or a more usable number of 33Wh. I would look more at (Wh) for a fair comparison because many modern devices charge at different voltages which affects the mAh observed. It can charge a standard phone at least 2 times with the potential to do a third time on some phones.Packaging:Good and compact although it can be tricky to get the charger out. The packaging was also activating the charger because of how snug of a fit it was.Overall:I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good and small portable charger. It would be great for both Android phone users as well as the iPhone crowd.

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  9. Rick Waldman

    I bought this to replace an ailing power bank. I really like its size and weight. It weighs very little and I would even say it’s small enough to carry in a pocket or purse. One thing that I found missing was a lanyard. If you put a spot on an item for a lanyard, I feel like one should be supplied for you. But, then I come back to the $14 price tag and think, maybe that’s not a very big issue. However, I did find one issue that caused me to take a star away.I fully charged the power bank as the manual says to do when I first got it. I then discharged it completely. The manual says to do this 3 times, but I did it 5 times – with a meter attached. Out of those 5 cycles, the most I could get the power bank to take in was 9,400 mah. Not bad, but not the rated 10,000 mah either. Still, at this price point, I have to again say that’s really not all that bad, but there’s something else; the most I ever got OUT of the power bank was 6,670 mah. That’s the number that matters to me. So, I took a star off for only being a 6,500 mah power bank that is rated at 10,000 mah.With that said, let me say this: At less than $15, this power bank is amazingly functional. It takes a full charge and then really puts out an amazing amount of power considering its size. Also, the packaging is very nice that it comes in AND it includes a well-written, though short, English manual.I would recommend this power bank to anyone looking for something in a very portable size at an affordable price. It seems to be pretty reliable. I’ve had no problems out of it in the week since I purchased it. Of course, if anything shows up in the next couple of months, I’ll come back and update my review, but for now, I think I’ve covered everything that I can say with conviction.[Edit] – Since writing the above, I have learned that the vast majority of power banks only have around a 65% efficiency rate, so 6,500mah would be right on the dot in this power bank’s output.

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  10. A. L. Heidelberg

    This power bank is well made and continues to hold a charge. I’ve had mine for 3 months and have recharged it at least 20-30 times. It holds a charge enough to charge an iPhone 11 at least twice before needing to be recharged. I love not having to carry a separate usb charger with me and it fits well in my purse or pocket as it is the same size and shape as my phone.

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  11. BJG

    When my iPhone battery started dying fast and I was looking for a charger my teenage son advised me not to buy the TG90 because it was only 5 watt. He said it would take “forever” to charge the phone and probably wouldn’t last long itself. Being a typical mom, I didn’t want to spend more money on a stronger unit so I bought it anyway. MAN was he WRONG! This little thing charges my phone from 40% to 100% in 25 minutes flat. Plus I’ve used it 5-6 times and the battery light has yet to drop below 3 lights (goes 1-4). I’m super impressed. Best part is, guess who asked to borrow the charger this weekend at the lake? Yep…that same teenage son! Lol!

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  12. Laurie B.


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  13. Connie S

    I guess I didn’t do much research when buying this and based it off the picture because all I was looking for was a small portable charger. But as you can see in my picture it’s not that small. Perspective way off. Very deceptive.

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  14. luva5810

    Every nice i’ve order i believe like 2 orders 1st was 200 and 2nd i believe was 200 and i will possible order more really like them

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  15. chambers_creek_…

    They fit and they work pretty good for the money

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  16. Colette

    Very well presented. Item looks and feels that quality was one of the main reasons to offer the product. I haven’t used it yet but will try charging my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. I Will return to update my comment soon 😊My update 7/17: This battery charger will work 100% flawlessly every time I need to charge my Note20 Ultra 5G or my Buds+ or Buds Pro. The power bank lasts quite some time until you need to charge it again. Very good product and could charge two devices at once without any problems including my work cell Note 9 and my Note20 ultra 5G. I love it and the paw indicator is super cute. I ended up ordering a case to protect my power bank from extreme heat and drops while traveling or hiking. 💯 recommended!! Ps: Be sure is the 20W💥 model 😊

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  17. Dogbone83

    Pretty nice battery bank! Can hold a lot of charge for it’s size. It takes a while to recharge it but no biggie. Can’t beat the price!UPDATE: 6/24/21Bought this battery bank in February. It is now starting to not want to charge. Less than a year and I cannot get it replaced. Warranty not worth it. I do not recommend this particular product.UPDATE:7/7/21Customer Service!! The experiences I’ve had with products and customer service from Amazon always exceeds my expectations! Product company INIU rechargeable battery reached out and explained why it was faulty and replaced it with free shipping! Feels good to know a company cares about the customers experience and will stand by there product and make it right! I would purchase again.

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  18. bill

    I purchased this for my iPhones and iPads. It also works for my older 12″ android tablet. It has an illuminated battery charge indicator in 20degree increments (5 LEDs) shaped like a footprint. I tested it on all my devices and it works. I like the included drawstring bag – it’s useful for including a USB wire and adapter plug for traveling, etc.

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  19. ClaireAlbie

    For 5 days on vacation I used this to charge my phone and GoPro, and the battery still had 44% of its life!

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  20. StacyT

    This power bank is heavy, but it charges my devices pretty fast. I get about 6 iPhone charges AND 2 Kindle charges off a full battery. I can charge both at one time which is great too. The bank itself takes about 12 hours to recharge from zero to 100% so I recommend charging it overnight. I’m planning to take this on vacation since my phone battery loses charge so quickly. 6 charges can get me through a good long while. The only downside is it’s heavy but I can deal with that for the amount of charges I get off of it.

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  21. DavinaW

    I bought one of these for my own personal use. Then since my kids were always using mine, I had to buy them one. Then my husband decided he needed his own too haha. Ya these power blocks are great!! And have so much power. My husbamd keeps his in the shop to keep his battery strong on his cell phone while he is streaming music or watching you tube videos. And we use them for travel, or just to throw in the car. We get a couple full charges on our phones with 1 charge on this block. Although, it gets drained fast when my nephew tries to charge his 10 inch iPad lol

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  22. ShoKill

    Aight, another review already said it, but I’m going to emphasize it. USB-C wired charging output is not 25w as advertised, on my S21 ultra it is only registering as “Fast Charging” and not “Super Fast Charging”. The wireless charging seems to work as advertised. I haven’t used it enough to detail longevity, but I wanted to get this review out because when I purchased this item is only had a couple of reviews.I got this for like $22 dollars with the discount and I’d definitely say it’s worth it.

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  23. Maria

    It looks like a powerful portable charger but I only got to use it once because it stopped working completely after 6 months. To me, that seems defective but now I can’t return it because that window closed. I do not recommend it. The vendor actually sent me a replacement that really does the job, now I’m extremely satisfied with this purchase & highly recommend it.

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  24. maryg

    I was surprised at how quickly this Mophie portable battery recharges. My older one has less capacity and takes twice as long to fully recharge. It also charges my Samsung Galaxy phone just as quickly as the fast charge wall outlet does. I estimate that it will charge my phone 3 or 4 times before it needs recharging. The only negative is that the 20,000 mah model is considerably larger and heavier than the 10,000 mah model. Overall, I am very pleased with this portable battery.

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  25. Joby

    fast delievery from the seller. When I got the power bank it has 14% power in that. I used a fast Charger to charge the power bank it took more than 12-14 hrs to charge the bank fully. Then I Charged Samsung S8+.4% to 100% it took 3 hrs to charge fully and the remaining power was 75% in the power bank. My phone have 3500 mAh only. And the seller mentions here it has 30,800mAh. I think this power may have 14000-16000 mAh maximum.Iam thinking of to return the product.

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  26. AmazonCustomer

    EDIT 8/14/21: Having used it for several months, I am lowering my rating for this product. You will want to pass on this. As of this writing, I can’t get it to wirelessly charge at all. Which would not be a huge deal if the battery part of it worked as advertised. But the capacity is lower than what they are advertising, and it is difficult to get the USB-C cables to stay connected to it. Buy something else. There are much better products here for the same price. I regret buying this.—I really wanted to like this product. But before you buy, you need to be aware of the following: – No, the mAh rating is not real. Can confirm what other people are saying. That being said, all other similar products exaggerate too. But that doesn’t excuse it. If everything else were perfect, I’d still knock a star off for lying about the capacity. – The USB-C port is finicky with cables. The first one I tried would not stay plugged in all the way. The 2nd one appeared to work fine. The problem is with the port, not the cables. The same cable works fine with all other USB-C products I own, including my previous battery. – The wireless function will stop working after a few minutes if the battery is not plugged in. This severely limits is usefulness for me. The wireless function was the main reason I chose this product. I thought it might be the case…but removing my case didn’t change anything. It’s definitely the batter, not the phone.It’s not super awful…you could definitely do worse. And the product is not super expensive. But I may still return this if I can find something better. I am ok with the first issue above, but the other two might be deal breakers.

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  27. Matthew J. Magill

    Bought this for my occasional camping trips where im away from power for a few days. It kept 2 phones charged for several days, and we even used it to power a set of USB lights to light up the campsite one night. Felt like it just kept going and going. Plus, it would probably double as a deadly projectile – this thing is HEFTY. I call it a power brick because it feels about as substantial as an actual brick.

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  28. William (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

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  29. Samuel (verified owner)

    Good service.

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  30. Ryan (verified owner)

    Good product.

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  31. Camden (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

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