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HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

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HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck


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HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

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20 reviews for HB-ZP1002 2.4G 4WD 1:10 RC Car Large Size Racing Vehicle RC Crawler Off-Road Truck

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  1. Brandon

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Seems pretty durable. I ramped it off of our concrete stairs and driveway and it rebounded just fine. The power is decent but don’t expect it to go through much. I had mowed our grass the day before shooting this video and it would not make it out of the yard before doing so. Controls and steers well. Only gripe is that it’s not proportional with the throttle or steering but at this price point, maybe I shouldn’t expect it to be. It is quick enough for my daughter to enjoy and the spare battery is nice to have. I wish that the battery compartment on the vehicle didn’t require a screw driver to get to instead of just using a coin screw or something similar. All in all, I am happy with this purchase.

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  2. J. Futchko

    I think this car will provide my kids with a little more enjoyment than the last few cars. They keep asking for cars that go outside (as they destroyed the last few trying to drive them in the snow & rain).I chose this car since it seemed to be a little bigger than the other cars accoriding to the provided dimensions. Granted its still not as big as some of the monsters at Sam’s Club or hobby stores, but it doesn’t cost $100 (or more) than a lot of them. I have tested the car out while the kids were at school today and here is what I determined so far:The car body is nice as it has metal panels, way nicer look and feel than the usualy molded plastic.The controller is ok, nothing outstanding, but then again this was the 1st pistol type I’ve ever held, so it might be on par with everything else, but it seems a little flimsy. Both in the steering knob and the trigger mechanism. Steering responds quickly and so does the drive motors, I guess only time will tell if the knob holds up to repeated flipping as the kids wizz around.The battery compartment is a little tight and you need jigger the battery connection around inside to get the compartment door closed. (i think there was one or two profane words uttered in trying to do this, but I will deny it if you ask).The box is comes in is sturdy and the two batteries, screwdriver, instruction and USB charger are under the bottom cardboard.At first I was confused on how to charge the batteries as I didn’t see a plug. It got stuck in the small box and I will complement the use of USB technology instead of a regular wall plug since I am sure it simplifies the need for different outlets if this gets sold to non-US wall jacked areas. The USB charger also has a charging light which blinks while charging and stops when completed.So final impressions of the car is that it should be a decent toy for the kids (or occassional dad drive). It is definately not a high end RC, but not the typical $20 walmart small wheel junk box either.

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  3. Collin Flanagan

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I absolutely love this RC car, I can vouch for its durability and speed 100%. It also has amazing range at the end of my video I had to use a drone to keep up with it! The car is surprisingly powerful going through pretty long grass with ease, although I will say a surface like pavement is the best for it. Battery life and setup are awesome each battery pack can last for a long time and you get two of them, while the setup is super easy just plug and play basically. This is a perfect gift for the kids this upcoming holiday season

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  4. Keroles

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  It’s amazing.. it’s delivered right now and i so exited to try it, i bought it for my little boy in his birthday . I open it and tried it’s so beautiful.. I thinking to keep it for myself and bought another one for him 😂.. it’s working very good in floor and carpet.. and battery looks good and have 2 spare batteries and controller like images

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  5. Eldon Brasche

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I was a little hesitant of the claims made for this RC car but after playing with in my hard and then driving it into my pool, I have to admit that it lives up to the claims made. It is not real fast in water but I am able to drive forward and reverse as well as make turs in the water so it definitely does what you want it to do. I must say it is extremely fast on dry land. It took very little time to get used to the controls and it is pretty responsive on turning. One advice I would give; if you want it to stop quickly to keep from running into objects, simply hit the reverse to stop it, otherwise it rolls forward quite a bit before coming to a stop.

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  6. Stacey Abshire

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I have had other haiboxing products and they are always great. Good quality, good value, and fun. You won’t be disappointed with this one. It drives great, even in deep grass, handles well (it can turn in really tight and small areas), but is really fun in light offroad areas where you have a little loose ground (for lost of sliding and peel outs and 360 spins). It can be driven by a beginner (in slow mode), or by someone who has more skills (in fast mode). It can also be driven my left or right-handed drivers by reversing the steering. Good all around vehicle for anyone. I highly recommend it!

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  7. Henri

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  It’s a great, well built car that can be upgraded / modified / customized as the owner wants. It’s a great way at an affordable price to see if the RC car hobby is for you without having to spend a lot of money. I’d recommend getting the oil-filled shocks, universal CV joints, and maybe a good multi-pack charger for the lypo batteries. I love this truck!!

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  8. Jonathan MOS 11B3X

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I bought this for the grandkids, tested it out (okay, played with it) before taking it over there, and was pretty impressed. It climbed right over pillows without any issues and was a little much for inside play (it really goes across berber carpet, tile, and hardwood floors). I didn’t know it came with two batteries, so that was a pleasant surprise, and I think battery life is reasonable, but you may not want to send it too far out into the water. I didn’t get to test it in water, but I see that it does have a continuous rubber seal protecting the battery compartment. The truck body material is very thin and pretty flexible, but very well supported by the structural frame. The product photo with it standing on end next to the child is unnecessarily misleading, making it look much bigger than it really is. Overall, a good buy that they definitely enjoy, if they can only get the controller out of dad’s hands.

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  9. Richard A. Derenne

    My 7-year old loves this RC car! The advantages far outweigh the negatives.Pros:1) Long battery life – each battery pack has over 20 minutes of nearly constant run-time. It likely has more, but this is the longest he’s played at once. And this car came with an extra battery pack, so even if he runs the first battery down he can put the other one in. And changing batteries is surprisingly easy.2) Waterproof – he wanted to be able to drive his RC car through small puddles and, more importantly, play with it during winter in the snow! None of his other cards let him do this. The first day he got it there was about 1/2″ of snow on the ground and the large tires and good underbody clearance let him play all over the backyard!3) Size/Durability – The other thing that impressed my son is the size of the car. He loves how big it is. It lets him drive over more outdoor obstacles than any other RC cars he has. And so far it seems to be fairly durable. The plastic feels cheap, but the construction allows the car to slam into obstacles at high speeds.4) Speed – the speed is just okay. Ideally, he’d like it a bit faster (or better acceleration) so he can do better jumps and pop a wheelie by going backward and immediately accelerating forward. A little loss in speed on a larger car with a good battery life that is waterproof at this price point is worth it.5) Price – This was at a decent price point given what it can do and it’s size. I think a better car starts getting into the $300+ hobby cars.Cons:1) Manual says not waterproof – Everything in the description, the video on Amazon and even the seal in the battery compartment says this is waterproof. However, I read a small note in the user manual that says not to immerse the car in water or to get the battery compartment wet (the battery compartment is on the bottom of the car facing downward). Hopefully, the manual just had an error in it.2) Turn radius – The car has a surprisingly large turning radius. Although not a deal-breaker, it becomes an annoyance when he can’t turn around in our driveway without using the entire width or doing a 3-point turn. The combination of a little slower speed and the large turning radius doesn’t let him “drift” or do a quick 180-spin. Again, the price point and other advantages don’t make this a deal-breaker.3) Cheap remote – the remote feels very cheap. And the controls are “all or nothing”. That is, if you pull/push the trigger, you can hear a click of a switch and the speed goes from 0 to full speed. There is no variable speed control. The same is true for the turns. If you rotate the steering knob, you can hear a click of a switch. The car either goes straight or turns the wheels to maximum right or left turn. I guess the large turning radius makes this less noticeable, but I was very surprised the remote was not variable control for either speed or turning.

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  10. tz

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Overall this is an extremely fast, fun, entry-level RC car. It’s a 1:12 scale with larger diameter tires, which allows it to handle some pretty tough terrain at full speed. We have the Bezgar 6 (1:16 scale), and while they’re the same speed on pavement, this one pulls away on rough ground.The battery configuration is a bit odd since it runs 18650 button-top batteries (2), but that’ll at least make replacements cheap and easy to find. Charging is relatively quick, and we’ve been getting 25-30 minutes of run time from them.The controller is pretty cheap, as they all are in this price range, but it gets the job done with steering and speed trim.As a side note, we picked this one up because of the price and BEZGAR support. They are 12-24 hour response and fantastic to work with. We’ll have no hesitation purchasing another one.

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  11. D. O. Ludkin

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I could not get over how fast this thing went after turning it to max speed. I also love that speed is adjustable so my 9 year old can drive it too.So far we’ve tested it on pavement, grass, sand, and wood chips and it handles it all with ease. The range of the remote is more than you’d ever need. We have the Bezgar 6 as well and this one is faster and has better battery life; the only downside is that the dune buggy flips more easily, so it takes a little more skill to pilot.Highly recommend this or any other Bezgar product from this seller.

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  12. BdubQ

    There had to be something wrong with it, right? Something to complain about. Something. Anything.THE PURCHASEI bought the Hailstorm about a year ago and had loved it until the ESC stopped working so it was exciting to see that the 18859 which is the latest monster truck version had come out. I didn’t know all the differences until I took delivery and was pretty surprised by all the upgrades from the previous version.WHAT’S NEWUpon opening the box, I found 1 battery with the transmitter. To my surprise, the car itself had another battery! Two batteries included with this. Not only that, but I almost overlooked the fact that Haiboxing now includes a LiPo battery! Typically budget vehicles get shipped with Li-Ion batteries. The usual mod people do is to simply replace it with a new Li-Po, so it’s pretty cool that HBX included in the Li-Po to start with!The CVD’s are metal! Yup, the last version was plastic and metal was an upgrade part. They’re now included FREE! Camber has 3 adjustment holes for those that like to tinker with that sort of thing. Suspension still aren’t oil filled, but now preload can be adjusted. The top arm on each corner are now beefed up. Pretty significant difference. Overall, the rig is also wider. Body itself is also longer than the previous version. Most may not have noticed but the outdrive cups are a metal band providing further structural support. It’s all in the details.All these improvements makes for a more durable and better performing car. In fact, I ran this over selveral times for fun with my much heavier Arrma Big Rock which is a 1/10 scale monster truck and the 18859 did just fine. Kept on trucking (pun intended). Impressed that HBX went this far with their latest version of the 1/18 scale car w/o increasing the price. Thank you!DRIVING CHARACTERISTICSFirst off, it’s quiet! Way quiet. Maybe the last one was this quiet, but compared to some of the other cars I have, this is whisper quiet. The turning radius is tight. Surprisingly tight. So tight in fact that you can bust a donut from a standstill. No need to run it hard, turn one direction to gain the momentum, then turn it hard in the opposite direction to initiate the donut like you’d normally have to do.There’s not enough torque to perform a wheelie, but that’s not expected of a 2S budget RC car, particularly of this scale. Enough power to get some good speed with this though.PACKAGINGNicely packaged as always. Not sure who’s responsibility it was but my Amazon box did come damaged and the exterior of the HBX box inside was also damaged. No damage to the contents so nothing to complain about, but something I did experience on my personal purchase of the 18859.DECALSThis deserves its own category b/c HBX actually provided two sets of headlights and two sets of tail lights! Pick and choose your favorite! I ended up using the unused set on another car which further improved the aesthetics of that one so thanks again HBX.OVERALLVery satisfied with this. Budget cars aren’t supposed to be this good. I wasn’t even ready to say all this. Was expecting it to be slightly better than mediocre as the reputation of HBX is pretty good but there are a lot of improvements in this iteration of the 18859 to make this almost like a new car. Remember how far the Toyota Camry has come since back in the day? It’s like that but HBX style.WHO IS THIS FOR?I don’t doubt it’s durability, particularly with the wider stance, thicker chassis and thicker arms. Truly a hobby grade rc car with a budget conscious price. If you like to mod cars, you have that option with the 18859. Upgrade to oil filled shocks. Install some adjustable turn buckles. Great for kids too b/c it has a slow mode feature. Adjust between slow and normal for developing drivers to novice. I think this is the perfect car if you’re a parent looking to get a car for both yourself and your kid but only plan on getting one vehicle to share. Best of both worlds.

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  13. Prime Customer :-)

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  First of all it arrived a day early so that was a great surprise! Right out of the box I loved it! Comes with shell pins that have the plastic holder on it. Makes it soooo much easier to get the pins in and out. Tearing the protective film off of the shell had been the easiest of all my cars so far! Batteries take about 2 hrs to charge from empty. Comes with 2 batteries (Li-ion1500 mAh / 3.7v each-car takes 2 batteries) and charger. I have 2 other cars that use same battery so I have plenty to go around! Drive time is about the avg….20 mins or so. Remote is your avg remote. This thing rocks! Very stable and takes turns on dirt and pavement very well. Not as fast as the Bezgar 9, so makes a perfect starter rc for beginners. I ran it for about 7 hours this holiday weekend and it took a bashing and kept on moving!! No broken parts yet. (Maybe I’m not bashing it enough! Lol) Love the spare tire as 1, you get an extra tire, but 2 it really helps reduce damage when rolling over or landing on top! (Again, great for beginners!) Glad I added this Bezgar 3 to my fleet! Customer service has been top notch! Responds within 24 hrs (even just to reply thanks!) and always willing to go above and beyond! Highly recommend!! Happy racing/bashing!!

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  14. Sarah

    Doesn’t hold a charge really at all. For paying $30+ I would think you should be able to play with it for more than 10 minutes.EDIT** Requested a replacement since my son really wanted this so we are hoping we just got a bad one. Will update when we get the replacement.

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  15. WGM MAHY

    I got this as a gift for my grandson and the sun and after playing with it for one day the the right front and left rear Wheels quit functioning so you can’t turn it or operate it operate it it just goes in circles

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  16. Kevin (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this.

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  17. Matthew (verified owner)

    Good service.

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  18. Henry (verified owner)

    Good quality.

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  19. Kayden (verified owner)

    Good product.

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  20. Julian (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

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