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HiBREW Barista Pro 19Bar Bean to Espresso,Cafetera Commercial Level Coffee Machine with Full Kit

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HiBREW Barista Pro 19Bar Bean to Espresso,Cafetera Commercial Level Coffee Machine with Full Kit for Cafe Hotel Restaurant H7


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  • Brand Name: HiBREW
  • Certification: UR
  • Certification: CB
  • Certification: LFGB
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: GS
  • Certification: UL
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Capacity (Cup): <5 cups
  • Power (W): 1450W
  • Function: Espresso
  • Type: Espresso Coffee Maker
  • Voltage (V): 220-240V
  • Housing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Model Number: CM5020_Scale_Pad
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Specification: HiBREW Barista Pro 19Bar Bean to Espresso,Cafetera Commercial Level Coffee Machine with Full Kit

Brand Name






Capacity Cup

<5 cups

Power W





Espresso Coffee Maker

Voltage V


Housing Material

Stainless Steel

Model Number


22 reviews for HiBREW Barista Pro 19Bar Bean to Espresso,Cafetera Commercial Level Coffee Machine with Full Kit

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  1. e_maxon

    I feel for the people who paid $600 for this machine. The design of the water inlet seal is inexcusably poor– as it ages, the rubber shrinks and puckers, leaving a scalloped surface around the nose of the tank, which does not seal well at all. Failure to use a garter spring type seal in this critical spot is just plain dumb, or planned obsolescence. The water inlet seal is on indefinite back-order from the only USA supplier, Breville will NOT sell parts to an end user, and wants $250 flat-rate for service. The o-ring seals for steam connections also fail, but are readily available Silicone #007 size available all over the place. If you are willing to modify the machine to use an external water supply, replace some leaky o-rings, it’s an excellent performer. Other thoughts: The grind amount setting is never accurate because unless the bean hopper is full, beans fail to find their way into the sides of the grinder without manual stirring. Not a big deal… The grinder can be operated momentarily by pushing in to turn on, in again to turn off. After fixing the seals, adding an external tank, I have no trouble pulling excellent shots in the mid-high range on the pressure gauge, (a VERY helpful touch to get your grind/tamp settings right.) Bottom line: I LOVE it as a ~$240 DIY project, (Includes the price of a huge Brita tank, plumbing fittings, tubing + replacement O-rings,) would be ANGRY if I paid $300-$600 for it.

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  2. Amazonian

    Update June 2nd 2019: Still use it daily, and it’s working well! It’s now been almost 4 years! (Time flies when you’re drinking good coffee :)Update August-6-17: Still going strong after almost two years!Original Review and Tips:I love this thing. I’ve been using it multiple times a day for almost a year I think. Every day it makes amazing espresso, and as long as I keep it clean it preforms beautifully. This thing is also easier to maintain and requires less cleaning than other cheaper espresso machines I’ve tried.A tip for anyone looking to make actual espresso at home, I recommend looking for a local roastery in your area. I use to buy bulk beans online like many people, but once I tried local whole beans and found a blend I liked, the difference was amazing. Bean choice is very important if you actually want to enjoy your espresso!A few tips I picked up for using this machine:1. A few people complained about the grind amount knob not going low enough. To counteract this, I changed the cup size to “Single” and increased the grind amount by turning the knob to the right. This gives me the perfect amount of ground coffee every time.2. If the machine keeps going over or under on the pressure gauge, try cleaning the grinder. And remember to clean the grouphead with those desolvable tablets when the clean me light comes on!3. You can get cheap replacement cleaning tablets here on amazon. I chose Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets here on amazon, and they work great!4. You do not need to order a separate tamper, the one included is perfect.5. The included frothing cup is small but works for me. Some might need a bigger one.6. Do not underestimate the need for a burr grinder. Trying to make good espresso without one is like trying to hammer a nail with an inflatable hammer!Some of the features I love (Pros)*1) The grinder. I know many would rather use a separate burr grinder, but this thing works perfectly fine, and is easy to clean. Many complained about the coffee machine heating up the beans too much if you leave them inside the hopper, but I actually store my beans in a special container outside of the hopper, and use the included the scoop to pour in the beans when I grind them.2) The frother is amazing. Much much better than cheaper machines.3) Clean me light is awesome. Always reminds me to keep up on this things maintenance, and helps prolong the life.4) The Stainless steel is beautiful. (It is not 100% stainless on the outside though, a little bit of plastic, see cons.)5) The pressure gauge. Absolutely invaluable in making good tasting espresso. I would not recommend buying any machine without one. It really helps with learning and getting it right!6) The included tamper is perfect.7) Creates perfect pucks of coffee to dump out in the trash.8) The hot water dispenser is an awesome addition!9) Is an all-in-one, meaning I don’t need to buy a separate grinder!10) Just makes good coffee.11) Great manual included for lots of useful information.12) Has an automated cleaning cycle to clean the insides of the grouphead. Awesome!14) Includes a beautiful copper dosing tool.15) Includes tools to clean out the filters.Some things that bother me (Cons)*1)The top of the machine is plastic.2) The bottom sides of the machine is plastic3) The water tank needs to be refilled often, and it also thick plastic.4) The bottom water catcher thing (sorry) needs to be emptied often, but its not too bad.5) The coffee grind separator doesn’t really seem to help much, but it does help keep it out of the water below and little bit, which keeps it from smelling!6) Expensive, but to me, was a very worthwhile investment for how much coffee I was buying from the shop.7) Can’t seem to find inexpensive filters for the water tank, however, I use filtered water instead of tap.8) The Lowest grind amount is too much on the “double” setting. QC Should have caught this! But not a deal breaker. See above for workaround.*Might add more later as I think of them!This thing is also great for making sweet frappicinos and iced drinks.For caramel flavored drinks I use Hershey’s Caramel Syrup (Edit: I now make my own caramel syrup! It’s super easy!)For vanilla flavored drinks I use Torani Vanilla Syrup that I get cheaply from a bulk wholesale store in my town.For my sweet drink of choice I mix the two, add a double shot of espresso, 2% milk, and top with whipped cream and caramel syrup.Nothing beats a great espresso in the morning!Added tons of pictures.Edit: It seems quite a few people had problems with the machine dying on them, If your machine died on your please comment on this review with any information you think may help, such as the level of maintenance you preformed while your machine was working, the brand of water filters and cleaning tablets you used, etc.Maybe we can find a common cause of this defect!

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  3. roll397

    I am loving this machine. We use it 3-4 times per day and it is pretty easy to learn. Definitely different beans require perfecting the technique all over again. The fresher the beans the more I have trouble getting the grind just right I think because there is more oil in the beans. But it comes with dual wall baskets for the less masterful barista. I love the grinder and I love that all of the features of the machine, grind, amount, temperature, shot pull time, etc are all adjustable so you can make the machine make your ideal cup just the way you like it. This machine will pay for itself in a year or less as a result of decreasing visits to the coffee house. It makes espresso on par with my favorite local coffee shop, and waaaayy better than Starbucks. I have had no trouble with the machine and I’ve already made hundreds of shots with it.

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  4. Kindle Customer

    Dear Breville – We purchased this machine in March of this year. We like the drinks that it produced however, the burr grinder has stopped working. It sounds as if the gears are stripped. I have repeatedly called the customer service phone number and left a return phone number because sitting on hold for over half an hour with no response is ridiculous. When this machine was working, I would have given it a 4.5 but now that it is in need of repair and Breville seems to ignore it customer service claims I will give it 1 star out of generosity.

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  5. VR

    Despite some of the negative criticism sprinkled throughout this review, keep in mind that (1) I am giving this machine 5 stars, and now that I have spent a few weeks getting to know it (intimately), I love it – so much, that if a burglar broke into my house and stole it, I would order another one the same day – I have not been back to Starbucks since. All that being said, you NEED to read this review so that your machine does not frustrate you and so that you get the most out of it. Read on my coffee-loving friend:1. I am a guy, who knew nothing about espresso machines before this. I am very mechanically inclined and don’t usually read instructions. This was different – this machine is NOT self-explanatory and you NEED to read the instructions (which are well written, and even include a troubleshooting section). Don’t get frustrated with this machine until/unless you have read (all) the instructions.2. This is not a ‘stand-alone’ purchase … this machine costs around $500 (give or take), you need to invest another $100 right from the start (preferably at the same time) to get the most out of it, enjoy it to the fullest, and not get unreasonably frustrated by making your own lattes and mochas.3. The other things you REALLY should order at the same time (and all are available on Amazon) are: a. ($29) 100-pack disposable 20oz. cups with lids and sleeves (sold by Yes!fresh). Trust me, you want to get these. It’s only $0.29 per cup and are far more convenient that trying to clean out a million dirty coffee cups from your car/office each week. These are worth twice what they cost in the long run. And when your friends are over, you need not ‘loan’ them a nice coffee cup to go (which you may never see again) – just give them a paper cup to take with them. b. ($5-15 for 25 oz. / $20-30 for 64 oz.) Torani syrups and sauces, AND the pump tops that go with them (always sold separately). IF you drink the same thing on a regular basis (like I do) such as a white chocolate peppermint mocha, buy the 64 oz. white chocolate sauce and not the smaller 25 oz. bottle. c. ($14) Amazon Basics Cotton Washcloth – 24 pack – grey (the grey matches the espresso machine, but the color doesn’t matter). Again, trust me, you want a nicely folded stack of these sitting next to the machine – you will use 1 each time you make espresso, and then it will be dirty and needs to be washed. At my house (3 people using the machine) we bought two 24-packs because we make so much coffee – two 24-packs is not too many for our house (I’m thinking about buying a third pack). d. ($10 for pair of single shot size, $15 for pair of double shot size) Set of double-walled espresso shot glasses. Do NOT buy the rounded ones (ie: Cutehom espresso coffee cups) because they will not pour very well and drip all over the place (down the side) each time – very frustrating. Buy the JoyJolt Javaah Double Walled Espresso Glasses instead – you’ll be glad you did in the long run. And, if you’re planning to make mostly double-shot lattes/mochas, buy a set of Dragon Glassware 6 oz Espresso Cups (also double-walled) so that you don’t have to keep fidgeting with the single shot cups to keep them in the right spot under the coffee dispenser. It’s important to buy double-walled glasses for two reasons. First, it keeps the espresso hot while you’re steaming your milk, second, it keeps you from burning your fingers when pouring the espresso into your coffee cup. e. ($15) Breville BCB100 Barista-Style Coffee Knock Box. Again, TRUST me, you want this right next to your machine – the coffee grounds will start piling up quickly and you don’t want your portafilter anywhere near a garbage can. This thing is a must.4. Space requirements: This machine (and all that you want to go with it) will take some counter space – allow AT LEAST 34-inches of counter width to accommodate – slightly more is even better. You will from my picture, this is a 34-inch setup, and there is no room to spare.5. Making espresso. After you read the instructions, here are some tips that they don’t include to help avoid frustration: a. When the beans are grinding, lightly knock on the top of the hopper lid (just like knocking on a door) so that the beans keep feeding down to the grinder (sometimes they get hung up – a light knock each time keeps this from happening). Do NOT overfill the portafilter (after tamping) or it will jam coffee grounds into the water outlet and could possibly damage the portafilter or locking guide. After the grounds are tamped down in the filter cup, the silver part of the tamper should be just hidden beneath the rim of the portafilter (the machine includes a tool you can use if you accidentally overfill the filter cup, but after a short while, you’ll figure out how much to grind each time and the tool will not be necessary). b. You ALWAYS want to watch the pressure gauge when making espresso. It NEEDS to be in the dark grey area of the pressure gauge (and ideally in/near the middle of the grey area) during the brew cycle, otherwise you are not making good espresso – rather, you are making either watered down espresso (not enough pressure) or not enough espresso which is too rich (too much pressure). There are two key things that affect pressure: the fineness at which the coffee is ground (which is adjustable) and the volume of grounds in the portafilter (also adjustable). Although there is a one or two shot size setting, I have found it best to do two, 1-shot grinds, tamping down the grounds in-between each single-shot grind. I have the grind (volume) setting on the 4th click setting, and I have the grind (fineness) setting on either 2 or 3 (play around and see what gives you the best results). IF the pressure is too low, then either your coffee is ground too coarsely, or your have not tamped it down tight enough, or the filter is not filled with enough coffee grounds, or a combination of any/all of these things. IF the pressure is too high, then either your coffee is ground too finely, or you have tamped down the grounds too hard (tightly), or a combination of the two. c. IF using two, single-shot espresso glasses to collect a double-shot brew, keep an eye on them during the brew cycle and make sure they are centered under the espresso being dispensed (this can be avoided by using a double-shot size collection cup). d. IF making a mocha or other syrup/sauce drink, pre-mix the espresso and syrup in the glass and stir thoroughly before adding the steamed milk. e. Steaming milk is 1/2-art, and 1/2-science (seriously), and it does not come naturally. If you’ve never worked at a coffee shop and been trained to steam milk, do yourself a favor and watch a few good (short) YouTube videos on the proper way to steam milk. You will THANK yourself for taking 5-10 minutes on You Tube and learning the proper way to steam milk (and things to avoid). Understanding the steaming process will allow you to control the amount of foam on top and not make big mess. f. Before you steam your milk, VENT the steam wand to remove the residual water from the boiler line (you don’t want a few teaspoons of water in your milk). Vent the line, then turn the steam off … wait 5 full seconds … then insert the steam wand into the milk, then turn the steam back on. Hold the handle with your left hand, and place your right hand underneath the stainless steel milk steaming cup, when the cup is too hot for your right hand to touch (I mean really to hot to hold), keep the steam wand in and start counting along with the pump (which sounds like a metronome in the background … dit … dit … dit … dit …). For a semi-hot latte/mocha keep the steam wand in the milk for 30 double-dits (don’t start counting until after you can non longer touch the bottom with your right hand … “and-one, and two, and three” and so on until you get to 30 (the equivalent of 60 single dits). For hot (but still drinkable) count to 40 double-dits, and for very-hot, 50 double-dits. Anything above 60 and you risk burning the milk (which will ruin the flavor and you will need to toss it out and start over). When finished, turn the steam off, and remove the steam wand from the milk about 3-5 seconds before it finishes blowing steam (to avoid having milk sucked back up into the steam line). g. After you steam your milk, VENT the steam wand again to remove any milk that inadvertently got sucked up into the steam wand line and prevent any from making its way into the boiler. IF milk makes its way back into the boiler unit (because you failed to vent the line after use) you will DESTROY the boiler (permanently), in that, the milk cannot be cleaned out, will burn during the next use, and every cup of milk you steam in the future will have a burnt-milk smell/flavor – yuck! DO yourself a favor and vent the steam line religiously after each use – and make sure others who use your machine know that they can ruin it if they don’t do so also! (there goes $500!) h. The bottom tray is easy to remove, empty and clean (comes apart in 3 pieces). You should empty this every 2-4 days of use because it fills up despite you not pouring liquid into it – reason is, each time you finish using the steam wand or hot water dispenser, the machine auto-vents out the line from the boiler into the bottom tray (sneaky little devil) … so even though you don’t realize it, it’s filling up a little with each use. (Fun fact – the hot water dispenser can be used for instant hot water to make tea!).6. Cleaning up. a. I unfold a clean washcloth each time I make espresso. When you tamp down the grounds, it will help avoid damaging/scratching your counter, and will catch the spill-over grounds (there will always be some spill-over). b. When finished, use hot water (from your kitchen sink) to rinse the espresso cup(s), milk steaming cup, portafilter and filter insert (remove the filter cup from the portafilter each time you clean them), then use another clean washcloth to set them out to dry upon. c. The washcloth used to make espresso: fold it in half, twice (into a square), and use the hot water dispenser (on the machine) to get one corner of the square wet with hot (boiling hot) water, then fold the square into a triangle so that the boiling water corner is exposed, then fold that triangle into another triangle around the steam wand and thoroughly clean the steam wand. It will take a little time and firm pressure – make sure the wand is clean so that you don’t get nasty milk residue build up on your steam wand.7. Keeping things stocked: a. Milk. If your family uses milk for other things (cereal, baking, etc.) and up until now you have been a ‘1-gallon at a time’ household, it’s time to go up to a 2-gallon at a time household. Trust me – once you (and others in your house) discover the delicious lattes/mochas which are quick at hand, the milk will begin to disappear quickly (my house is now a 3-gallon at a time household with 3 people regularly using the machine). b. Keep a spare box of to-go cups/lids on hand, when you open it, order another one – it is not cost prohibitive and you never want to be out of to-go cups in the morning. c. Keep a spare bag of coffee beans on hand – also not cost prohibitive and if you run out of beans, well, there’s no reason to ever run out of beans. d. Keep a spare bottle of your favorite syrups/sauces. If you run out, all the fun is over.8. Quirks and tips. a. Keep a close eye (and refill often – like every morning) the water tank in the back (you need not pull it off each time, just take a 4-cup measuring cup and refill it when it gets 1/2-way down). Reason being, the machine is not smart like a Keurig – it has no sensor telling it when the water is out and it will run itself (to its peril) dry when the water runs out – this is not particularly good for the machine or the pumps. b. Use top quality beans – I recommend buying 1 lb. bags of Starbucks Espresso Roast beans – whole, NEVER pre-ground. WHY would you spend $600 on a coffee bar setup and then use crap beans or pre-ground (aka: not fresh) coffee? When you use top quality Starbucks beans (I have no financial interest in Starbucks by the by – so if you prefer something else like Pete’s or Dutch Bros., fine – but make sure you’re buying whole bean bags of their Espresso Roast). 2-4 double-shot lattes/mochas per day will go through a 1 lb. bag of beans every 1-2 weeks. c. Transitioning to decaf beans…? Nope, not easy, nor was the machine set up for an easy transition. To transition from regular espresso beans to decaf beans you must unlock the bean hopper and remove it – then pour the regular beans into a ziplock bag, then take your vacuum cleaner (I’m not joking) and vacuum out the remaining regular beans from the grinding gear mechanism, then replace the (empty) hopper – lock it in place, then fill it with decaf beans. We did this once at my house … and will never do it again.I hope you enjoyed my review and it helps you make awesome lattes and mochas!

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  6. rbartguy

    Great engineering and finish. Makes the very best coffee ever. Love the convenience of the built in grinder. I use “fine grind”, “max quantity”, hard compacting of grinds in filter, brew 2- cups and hit twice for the taste and quantity for my large coffee cup. Pressure gauge is in the range or 10:00 – 12:00. Instead of adding additional hot water, I add an extra “single” drip – that’s a total of 5 cups ( 2,2,1 buttons) for my single large coffee. Use the same loaded filter for all the drips. Then I heat and foam Almond non-sweetened milk , add a very small amount of organic Honey from a local farm. Wow!! Greatest cup of coffee – ever. Also – water is RO water that is frozen and defrosted prior to adding to machine- that lowers the impurities from TDS 22ppm from my RO water maker to TDS 12ppm! Thats twist as pure. Freezing water expels impurities from the ice crystals. Beans are Trader Joe’s French Roast Dark Roast Strong and Rich 26 oz package. I’ve also ordered organic Columbian green beans and will roast in my home roaster to see difference in flavor.

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  7. Lauri E. Witte

    I love Santa this year! Single mom can now satisfy my caffeine addiction without starving the kids. Mind you, I was willing to go without a meal for a nice cappuccino…but the darn kids insistent on being feed EVERY DAY! It is too pricy for my budget, but Santa helped me out.

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  8. germanlitfan234

    You usually get what you pay for and wow do you get a lot in this admittedly expensive machine. Each cup tastes perfect, depending on the quality of the beans you use. This is European style and design and functionality at its best. One tip – if you are making cappuccinos, buy the glass Jura milk cup for $30, it’s worth it, and put the milk in the microwave first for 30 seconds. Otherwise the result will be a warm not hot cup of coffee. You won’t be disappointed. I got $0 for doing this review. Just wanted to share my enthusiasm.

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  9. CSSO

    Great machine with one issue. There is a water fill sensor that is not mentioned anywhere in the manual. After six months of use, it would not dispense any coffee. I called Jura and after several calls and long waits, a customer service rep finally solved the issue. You’ll need to stick your hand into the drip tray area and clean the “hammer” that pacts the coffee grinds with a towel. I guess that’s where the sensor was and once I cleaned that area, it dispenses coffee just like it did before.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    I received the Breville Barista Pro in the mail. The directions were easy to follow. Not a lot of steps to go through to put together. Also easy to use photos.The first thing you have to do is “flush” the system. I added water and the filter, and made sure everything was where it was supposed to be. When I hit the illuminated single cup to “flush” water through the system, it started to work for approximately 2 seconds and then stopped flushing. It then went back to flashing “flush” with nothing else on the screen. I tried again; same result. I turned it off and back on and repeated and had same issue. I unplugged it, turned it back on, repeated: same issue. Every time it would start counting down from 10 to 8, and then stop, and go back to “flush” mode. I emptied the water out, added more, and made sure the water was at the right level: same issue. Didn’t matter.Finally, I called Breville customer support. I opted to leave my number for a call back. About 30 minutes later I got a call from a nice lady named “Alice.” We trouble shooted it together but after trying all her options, I had the same result. It wouldn’t even let me to go the “menu” for a hard reset. She told me that there much be something wrong with the electronics. She offered to send me a new machine, and I agreed. Hope to get it soon.It’s disappointing because it looked amazing. Very high end appearing product. But, unfortunately, it did not work and I have to wait for another. No biggie although you don’t expect this from an $800 machine.Long story short: mine didn’t work but the Breville customer service was pretty good and they are sending me a new one. Eager to see how the next one does.***UPDATED 09/10***So, the Breville customer service is pretty good. The only issue is that it took longer to get the replacement machine than I expected. I received an email on the day I reported the issue stating I’d receive a shipping confirmation email within 1-3 business days. I didn’t. It took 7 business days to get the shipping confirmation / tracking number. Then, UPS took some time delivering the item. So, it took 13 calendar days to receive the replacement machine. Would of liked it earlier but we’re also in the midst of a pandemic so … need to be patient and understanding.As for the replacement machine: it’s amazing. I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve been making fresh lattes every morning and it’s great. Feels like I’m getting a $6 Starbucks latte without leaving my kitchen. Pretty cool. Machine itself is practically idiot proof, too. Very easy to use and set up. Great device all around! Highly recommend.

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  11. Paymon D.

    I’ve had a few different espresso machines over the last decade, and have tried and returned a couple as well. This one is, by far, my favorite machine for several reasons. Throughout the review I will reference differences primarily with the Barista Express, as that is one that I had for some time as well. The overall appearance of the machine looks good. I have the stainless steel version, and it looks sharp and well built. Breville is the only company I know that has the magnetic tamper holder underneath the top of the unit, and it’s a nice touch. A place to put the tamper, and always know where it is. Also, the tamper is a nice metal one, rather than the thin, light plastic many other brands use. I also like that most, if not all, of what comes in contact with hot liquids is metal rather than plastic (though the portafilter does have some plastic, but I use a naked bottom portafilter as stated below). I kind of like the ease of the automatic machines that grind, tamp, and pull the shot, but the plastic group head makes me a bit uncomfortable. I try to minimize hot foods and liquids contacting plastic as much as possible. If plastic particles can leach out of water bottles, then heated plastics most likely will leach more. As far as performance, I will touch on the grinder, pulling of the shots, hot water spout, and very importantly, the steam wand: I have seen some complaints about Breville’s grinders, and I don’t understand why. Granted, I do believe that most of the complaints come from people who are much more advanced in their coffee preparation and understanding than I am. Nevertheless, I do find the grinder to do a good job. It has fine adjustments that you make with the dial on the left of the machine, plus larger scale adjustments that you can make with the grinder itself under where the bean hopper sits. I wouldn’t say the larger adjustments are super easy, but definitely doable if you follow the directions. I’ve made a single adjustment on the grinder itself and only rely on the fine adjustments other than that. As a side note, I saw on an instructional video by another reviewer that you want to make the fine adjustments while grinding to prevent getting anything stuck. I’m not sure if this is necessary but I do it just in case. I am impressed by how little of a mess the grinding makes. The dosage amount and grind size is consistent once I dialed everything in and left it there. Plus it’s easy to switch from single to double dose. Pulling shots is rather straight forward as well, but does take time getting things right. As far as getting it right, that’s more dependent on the size and dosing of the grinds as well as the tamping force, but you see the results during the shot pull. I don’t use the included portafilter because I’ve always liked the appearance of the naked bottom portafilters, so I found one on Amazon that’s sized for this machine. The naked bottom ones look cool pulling the shot, but make a bit more of a mess than the standard portafilter, and are a little less forgiving than the included one. With a fairly good grind size and amount, you can get good consistent shots. With my Barista Express, I noticed that the second pull was usually more bitter and not as good tasting as the first shot, if pulled within a few minutes of each other. With this machine, I can pull a double shot, steam the milk, then pull another double shot without any issues or difference in taste. The Barista Pro also has the three second heat up time vs the thirty second or so on the Barista Express, which isn’t a huge deal itself but I believe the newer heating unit is more advanced and allows for the better second pull. The hot water spout is angled and can dispense right into the cup after the shot is pulled without having to move the cup to a different location. Also, I like the angled spout versus the one on the Barista Express. As far as the steam wand, it doesn’t seem like there is much advertised or discussed about the improvements of the steam wand versus the Barista Express, but in my opinion, it is far more powerful. I had a lot of difficulty getting the correct texture of milk for latte art, but with the Barista Pro, the steam wand seems much more powerful, faster to steam the milk, and can more easily achieve that proper texture and consistency for good latte art (my latte art isn’t very good, but I’m going to blame that on my skills rather than the steamer). For fairness, I will say that my skills have improved some since having the Barista Express, but I definitely feel a significant difference with this steam wand. Such that I feel that alone makes it worth the increased price compared to the Barista Express. I have also tried an automatic machine. I would say that the automatic machines are easier to use, less of a learning curve (though there is still somewhat of a learning curve) and most give you the option to make a regular drip coffee as well. They don’t usually have as good a shot pull or taste as a unit like this one, and personally I like the “artsy” part of going from grind to shot manually. To conclude, I would definitely recommend this machine to anybody who is looking for very good espresso drinks that are better than what you will usually find in coffee shops, at the comfort of your home. If you’re willing to learn how to use the steam wand well for lattes and cappuccinos, I feel this machine is better than the Barista Touch, and better than other machines in this price range. Within a few months, the machine pays for itself versus getting a latte a few times a week at a coffee shop.

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  12. texasbound2003

    I love good coffee and this espresso maker, makes it superbly!

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  13. savio214

    after use over one week still smell plastic burn, made coffee bad smell

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  14. Egar

    I think we have had every style of home coffee maker known to mankind at this point. We have had traditional drip, french press, pourover, Senseo, Tassimo, Keurig, Nespresso, and now, Tchibo. We’ve only had this for a couple days, but here are my first impressions:Good:-The coffee froths when it brews and tastes delicious. It really brews well-Takes any kind of whole beans, including espresso-Once you get it set up, it is pretty easy to use-Reasonably easy to clean. Dump the grinds out once every 10 cups, rinse, done-Good for the environment in that you don’t have to use any plastic podsBad:-Takes a long time to brew a cup, probably 1 min 45 sec.-Largest cup size is about 8 oz.-The water tank is pretty small, even with the small cup size, you are only going to get 3-4 cups per tank of water-Per the directions you have to remove the water tank to refill it, this might not seem like a big deal, but there isn’t enough space between the top of it and bottom of cabinets to get the water tank out, so if you are putting it on a counter with upper cabinets, this is a pain.-If you want to switch between types of coffee, decaf/full caff, different roast, etc. It really isn’t easy.All in all, this is a good machine. The most important thing to me is that the coffee tastes good. As I mentioned earlier, we have tried many machines, and I would rank this near the top for the quality of brew. The biggest drawbacks are that there isn’t really a good way to fill the water tank, change coffee types without finishing what you have in the maker, and the size of the cup it makes.I would recommend it, but definitely take those things into consideration.

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  15. Tracy T. Favre

    This is actually our 3rd Jura machine in last 20 years. Our first was while living in Europe and we only sold that one because voltage in the US is different. Our second machine lasted for 16 years. They would have serviced it but couldn’t guarantee they would have the parts for the obsolete machine so we elected to buy a new one. This machine is very, very easy to program (way easier than our first 2!), looks great, grinds the beans more quietly than the last one, and makes delicious coffee! Jura machines are investments, but I do recommend them and would buy one again!

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  16. SL

    I was skeptical. I was wrong! This machine is tremendous!PROS:—Easy to use—as simple as a Kuerig with none of the bad coffee or plastic pods. Do watch all of the videos on the manufacturers website and read the entire manual. This material is critical to running the machine and caring for it long term.—Fantastic coffee that offers several custom options to increase the boldness of the flavor if you like strong espresso or coffee. (There is a bold button on the machine and you can change the size of the grind on the grinder.) I recently bought a latter at a coffee shop and it could not even compare to the quality of what I can brew at home with this baby!—Cleanup is not a daily chore—more like weekly. I love this. Just turn it on, let it heat up and rinse, press the button to brew and then walk away! No more rinsing a coffee pot!CONS:—It is a little cumbersome to move the unit around to get the water tank out—but it’s not a problem for me. I did notice this issue as a con in other reviews.That’s it. In my opinion this was the best money I’ve ever spent on coffee. Pair the Tchibo with a quality milk frother, some decent beans and the Ember mug—and you can make better lattes and cappuccinos at home than what you would pay for at coffee shops.For the average Joe—this coffee machine will be your last coffee maker purchase. I love mine and look forward to a cup every morning.

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  17. patty

    I absolutely love this machine! And I am a picky “foodie” person. I have had 2 DeLonghi machines, and 1 Gaggia one, each to the tune of $3,000.00, and this machine makes better coffee than any of them at a fraction of the price. Those machines need to be sent out to be repaired and shipping is not cheap. Keurig or any other pod coffee machines are simply unacceptable to me, since the coffee is not freshly ground. That doesn’t even taste like coffee to me!I LOVE the espresso this machine makes…it has the nicest foam I have ever seen from ANY machine! I use La Colombe “Corsica” or “Nizza” coffee and the taste is amazing.-The machine is small and takes up minimal room.-The coffee bean holder is a great size and can be adjusted to hold more beans vs. less.-The water tank holds the same amount of water that my other machines have held, which is of course, never big enough! But I refill it each morning when I turn it off, so that it is ready for the next day.-We get (4-5) 8-10oz. cups per tank.-The already brewed “grounds container” seems to hold more than my previous machines, before it needs to be emptied.- I love the magnetic tray that you set the coffee cup on. You can completely remove it to place larger cups underneath the spout.-The spout easily lowers for espressos and raises for larger cups.-It may not have all the the bells and whistle accessories, like the milk container and frothing attachments but they are a pain to use and clean up anyway.When I make cappuccinos or lattes, I heat the milk in the microwave, then whip it with my Aerolatte wand and add the shot of espresso. Delicious and better than any machine could do!I saw someone complain about not having enough head room when removing the tank when there are cabinets above it. This is true, but I solved that problem by buying one of those appliance gliding trays that fits nicely under it and you just squeeze the buttons to pull it out and then again to push it back. Works great!Bottom Line: If you are looking for a “simple to use” machine, that makes delicious espressos and Americano brewed coffees, you simply cannot go wrong with this machine! It is easy to understand and program. My husband had NO problem using and troubleshooting it, which is unusual! Love, love, love this machine!P.S. I kept the box for a month before throwing it out, in the event I didn’t like it. At first, it seemed a little cheaper quality than I am used to, since it was so lightweight and was so basic. My other machines are all stainless steel, hence, one of the reasons they cost so much. But I must say that I have had it for almost 3 months and it has held up well and is not fragile at all with normal careful use. It’s a keeper!

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  18. Kai (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this.

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  19. Kai (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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  20. Ryker (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

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  21. Michael (verified owner)

    Good service.

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  22. Kai (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this.

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